Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Art and Science of Teaching

Did you know that as nurses we perform over 300 million peripheral IV's in America every year?  This is a lot of IV starts especially if you think about how many people exist in America. 
That is nearly one IV for every American.

How do nurses learn to perform IV Therapy?  New graduates nurses get little to no hands on training or exposure to IV Therapy in nursing school and thus makes them ill-prepared once they get onto the floor.

There is a lot of controversy over how to teach student nurses on the Art and Science of inserting an intravenous catheter. There have been studies that have proven that computer-based training produces a more successful outcome versus the traditional hands on training of peer-to-peer groups or the use of mannequin arms.

The Infusion Nurses Standards of Practice also discourages the use of peer-to-peer practice as well.  The problem with this issue is that the computer based programs can cost up to $12,000 and not every business or school has the funds to purchase such equipment.  Some in the Infusion industry have also stated that using "healthy subjects" is not a good idea and that it may be the same equivalent as practicing on mannequin arms.

The issue with this mind-set is that the students need to build confidence in starting peripheral intravenous and they need to feel the success of learning how to start them without difficulty before getting onto the floor and trying a more difficult patient.  Sick patients may have a low blood pressure or suffer from extreme dehydration and this may cause their veins to become flattened causing increase difficulty for the new nurse to accomplish this task.

The Art and Science of Teaching comes with experience and not every nurse with experience can teach in a way that student nurses feel comfortable. The Art and Science of Teaching or Pedagogy is a special gift that instructors need in order to build confidence in the students.

Anyone who knows us or has attended one of our classes; know that our instructors love to teach and are very careful and patient with the students.Our instructors try and make the course fun, interesting, and most of all we instill confidence in our students.  We teach them how to get comfortable with themselves as well as the situation they will be placed in to perform IV Therapy.
Enroll in a class today and enjoy the Art and Science of Teaching of IV therapy. 

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