Thursday, September 11, 2014

Introduction to ECG Tip Placement Online Webinar

Free ECG Tip Placement Webinar by 

International Vascular Access Expert

Using x-ray to confirm PICC tip placement wastes clinical care time, exposes patients to harmful radiation, and delays medical therapy. The ECG Tip Confirmation Systems available on the market can help alleviate these problems by using an adult patient's cardiac electrical activity to position the tip of the PICC in close proximity to the cavoatrial junction (CAJ). Final tip location is confirmed by the nurse at the bedside and infusion therapy can begin immediately without the need for a confirmatory chest x-ray.
In a clinical study, 99.1% of 114 PICCs were placed at the CAJ or within +/- 1 cm using Bard® Tip Confirmation Technology.

 "Rare ECG tip placement webinar by international vascular access expert Mauro Pittiruti of the Universit√† Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome, Italy, is being offered free next month to healthcare professionals, in association with Vygon (UK) Ltd."

In the 40 minute online session at 2 pm BST, on Wednesday September 17th, Mauro will introduce the latest techniques and research for ECG-guided catheter tip placement. He will share his experience and highlight the proven benefits of using this innovative technology which proved the hot topic at the 2014 World Congress on Vascular Access held in Berlin in June.
Paul Allen, Business Development Manager at Vygon, has worked with Mauro to organise this webinar. He said: “This is an excellent opportunity for those working in this field to hear first hand from a renowned international expert on vascular access and ECG tip placement. Mauro will be sharing his expertise and will answer any questions that the audience might have as part of the webinar.”

You can register for the webinar by going to - Places are limited so register early to ensure you don’t miss out.
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