Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Disability gets sexy thanks to a nurse with Crohn's disease

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"Jasmine Stacey, 24, a nurse in the UK has Crohn's disease. 
She underwent surgery to remove part of her intestine when she was 20 years old and needed an ileostomy bag.
Jasmine has launched a new line of luxury lingerie that allows women who also have stoma bags to feel sexy again.
The nurse/designer said she was "inspired to come up with a stylish range of underwear by the lack of seductive garments available for women in her position".
"I want to take the stigma away from having a stoma bag and prove you can still be sexy with underwear. 
"I want to get the message out there that it is not as bad as people think and that young people have stoma bags as well as old people."

"We hope our underwear is stylish without being flimsy and empowers women to feel confident whether they have stoma bags, scars, or simply want more stomach control." 

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